Sean, the most recent addition to AlgoCrunch, is a tallented and unique minded designer with 7 years of design experience and background. Sean went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and has a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. He loves movies and plays guitar in the band 5 Star Heroes, they are about to release there first full length album THNK PSTV. Sean is also an avid game player wether it be video games or table top games he loves them all, he brings his passion for playing games to his work. Being a gamer Sean knows what people want to play and thats what hes here to create.

Martin, the founder of AlgoCrunch, brings 9 years of programming experience to the game development scene.  With a strong mathematical background, Martin's expertise is in algorithms, data structures and logic, making him a "jack of all trades" in the software world. His experience ranges from Molecular Dynamics research to Network Management software to Web Development.  Games are what brought Martin into the programming world, and now he is happy to bring his excitement and ideas to the masses through the amazing iOS platform!  Martin is a graduate of StonyBrook university and lives in Westchester County with his wife and plethora of pets. Outside of work, Martin loves playing online games with his father and is an avid ballroom and latin dancer.

Alysha brings 9 years of experience from a diverse background of the fine and graphic arts including printmaking, painting, digital and sculptural works. Her primary focus is in the field of Illustration, which gives her a unique understanding of character, story and environmental creations.  Alysha earned both her BFA and MAT from Rhode Island School of Design. She currently lives in Westchester County where she also works as a High School Art Teacher.  In her free time Alysha will often be in one of two studios- the dance studio practicing her ballroom and latin, or at her home art studio with two cats and a paint brush.

AlgoCrunch is a small, family owned software company with a focus on producing iOS apps.  Martin is the president and lead software engineer.  Alysha, his wife, is the lead designer and graphic artist.  Sean, a personal friend, is also a designer.  AlgoCrunch was formed in early 2010, where the first year and a half were spent building high quality internal tools specifically for development and design on the iOS platform.  Using these tools, our first venture into the app store was a small scale arcade game, called “Aqua Burst”.  Since then, we have been working on “Word Fusion” (coming soon), as well as several “Proof of Concepts” for future ideas.  Expect a lot more from AlgoCrunch in 2012, we have some great games in the works!

Martin Horstman

Lead Designer

Graphic Artist

Art Director

Graphic Artist



Lead Software Engineer

Alysha Horstman

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Algo Crunch is a small Independent game company out of New York. We have fun making games so you have fun playing them. With new games always in the works we hope you love the games we make.